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General Information

How efficient is ? 

MyEssaySmith is as efficient as your delivery guy. We do deliver results and our performance is greatly appeciated by our clients. Checkout for review on most pages at the bottom. Our clients thank us for the best.

Is my access to your writing system granted?

Once you signup an account you recieve a confirmation url to your email for verification of identity thereafter you get unlimited access to your account with 24/7 client support to ensure a smooth sailing as you enquire on anything.

What are the writing styles/formats used by ? 

We use a span of all professional formatting styles available. We have great experience with MLA, APA, Chicago , Turabian & Not applicable as well. Your paper comes along with the style you chose upon placing your order


How well are my  orders transactions accounted for / Refund Issues.

Any unaccounted amounts on an order for instance and overpayments are however dealt accordingly by our billing department and any compensations are made where applicable.  Contact us for any queries on your payments. 

How do i pay for my order 

Our order-now page initiates a checkout and a payment will be made to us with your prefered payment method.